Showcase of the administrative justice landscape in Scotland.

16 November 2015

The Scottish Tribunals and Administrative Justice Advisory Committee (STAJAC) held an event to showcase the administrative justice landscape in Scotland. 

Niki Maclean, Director Scottish Public Services Ombudsman chaired the event with contributions from Paul Wheelhouse, Minister for Community Safety and Legal Affairs, MSP will gave the opening address and Other speakers included:

  • Marieke Dwarshuis, Chairperson, STAJAC
  • Alan Morrision, Policy & Research Officer for STAJAC
  • Tom Mullen, Professor of Law at University of Glasgow
  • Jan Marshall, Deputy Director, Scottish Government

The event enabled the Committee to launch two reports

  • Making Decisions Fairly; Developing excellence in administrative justice
  • Mapping Administrative Justice in Scotland

The Making Decisions Fairly project looks at a representative selection of local authority decision-making areas to model the user journey through these administrative justice processes. The project provides a whole system view of the decision making areas, including the appeal or review processes and  attaches indicative costs to each part of the process. The report aims to raise awareness of the importance of sound and transparent administrative justice decision making, in particular by local authorities. 

With Mapping Administrative Justice in Scotland, the Committee aimed to map, as comprehensively as possible, the administrative justice and tribunals landscape in Scotland. The report is divided by subject area and sets out all the public bodies (both devolved and reserved) which take administrative justice decisions within each subject area in Scotland. 

It is well known that the administrative justice system in Scotland is a complex one, but an attempt to map the entirety of the system has never been made before. This report aims to demonstrate exactly the scale and complexity of the system as a whole, and it is hoped this will inform the future priorities of any oversight body in the area and future policy making. 

The Reports



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